Live Promo – Video by Jake Earwaker

“Moustache Chronicles Vol 1” – Video by Jake Earwaker

Random footage from a Festival

Really bad promo video we made for a live show (featuring Hazel – Martin’s daughter!)

Drum Solo – The Uplifter meets Still Moving DJs on tour – Raglan, New Zealand

Getting a bit carried away at Hampshire Greenscreen Studios (suppose to be a promo for upcoming show!)

“Moustache Chronicles Vol 1” – The Talking Heads, Southampton 2015

Still-Moving DJs “Le Monde Electrique” – Twinwood Festival

Drum solo in a tent!

The Glade – at Twinwood Festival (2013 – ages ago!)

On a Steam Train railway station (Alresford)

Still-Moving DJs – Swing & Electro Swing at the Blackout Party at Milestones Museum, Hampshire