Still-Moving DJs: Press & Promo

If you’ve arrived on this page, you have probably booked us for a public show, event or festival.  We have quite a specific style, so here are details and guides about text, pics and logo, and you can find plenty of other information about us on this website and facebook page.

Please feel welcome to contact us for any further information, or put us in contact with your marketing team – we’re always happy to get on board to help with promotion.


You can pretty much steal or adapt what we have written about on our home-page, with the main objective being that we are a bit… ‘different’!:

“The Still-Moving DJs are a lively, unique and alternative DJ duo with a well-stocked but carefully chosen selection of music by great musicians, with live percussion, ship lanterns, original vinyl records, gramophones, tankards and… dinosaurs!”

We sometimes add genres (depending on the event) – usually something like this:

“Electro Swing, Jazz, Latin, Balkan, Gypsy Jazz, Afrobeat, Soul, Folk, Reggae, Dub, Funk and more … “

The comments (bottom of the website, and on our comments page) may be useful.


(We may also set up a specific Facebook invite with it’s own link depending on the event)


  • We prefer to avoid terms like ‘disco’ and ‘gig’ – it gives the wrong impression!  Perhaps use ‘Live’, ‘Show’ or ‘Live Show’.
  • Please remember the G!  (Still-Moving, not Still-Movin’ – You’ll be surprised how many people do this, and it makes us sound far cooler than we really are!)
  • Don’t say that we do requests – because we don’t!
  • Please link to our Facebook main Facebook page, not our personal profiles ( )
  • Please do not disclose our addresses publicly (they may appear on invoices etc) for security reasons.
  • We’re both designers, and we’re always happy to help out with posters / graphics / pictures etc, so please feel very welcome to contact us if anything is needed.

Logo downloads

High resolution for print:
JPEG – (Burgundy with white background)
TIFF – (Burgundy with clear background)
TIFF – (White with clear background)
PDF – (Burgundy with clear background)

Low resolution for web: (Email, your website / social media)
JPEG – (Burgundy with white background)
PNG – (Burgundy with clear background)
PNG – (White with clear background)

*note: We sometimes add a white highlight around the edge of the logo text if more separation is needed from the background in order to make it clearer (see example).

If you have any requests that aren’t listed above then please contact us with details and we’ll do what we can to help.


If you’re making a poster, we generally use burgundy (#880000-ish), or deep greens or blues etc – but feel welcome to break the rules (we do!). Just please don’t make us look like a conventional disco, or cool/bling night-club DJs!  You can see examples on our gallery page.


If you’d like to use video for promotion (on your website / Social Media etc), please embed/use this YouTube link:


(Click on photo for high resolution version)




Please contact us if you have any requests regarding photographs.


We love them, so please feel very welcome to add dinosaur pics to the promo material… we do!