Each of these are 1 hour and 20 minutes long.  Enjoy!


Moustache Chronicles – Part 5 (Lively!)

A juicy and lively montage of global genres. Based on sets from the most lively knees-up events and festivals we’ve played at.

Moustache Chronicle – Part 6 (Lively / bonkers!)

A lively / bonkers montage – with music from all around the world and some cheeky surprises for a proper good knees up!

‘What Joe Said’

The theme of this diverse and unpredictable montage of joy is “Festivals 2015 revisited”. It includes Classical to Jazz to Finnish–Norwegian folk to Funk to Electro-Swing to Chinese Dub to Ska to World Rhythms and lots more…

Antique Beats – Part 1

This one gets a bit lively and includes original Jazz, Swing and Electro-Swing.

“Slow-Motion” Chapter 1

Probably our most chilled, abstract and mesmerising montage, featuring creative & experimental artists from around the world, with some rather juicy bass-lines! (Listen out for the use of Stereo in the opening track by Moondog)

Moustache Chronicles – Part 2

You watch peacocks wander about happily… pondering eating a nice slice of cake… yes it’s that stressful 🙂

Uplifting 01 – “Unity Broadcast”

Reggae, Dub, Ska and World Rhythms with some rather cheeky bass! Ambient in the beginning, and then more lively.