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We like to keep things simple, so there are a few things that we’ll need in order to give the best possible performance.

Please feel very welcome to contact us if you have any further questions or would like any advice or suggestions on anything from lights to props to themes.

Technical Requirements

What we need

  • Stage area dimensions:
     – Width: 6m
     – Depth: 3m
  • Table for DJ kik
     – Width:
    1.8m – 2m
     – Depth:
     – Height: 800mm – 1m
    (dimensions are approximate)
  • Power supply (2X 4-way under the table is fine)
  • XLR out X2 (L&R – from our mixer)
  • Mics & stands X2 for vocals/announcements
  • Mics for drums (every sound engineer has their way of doing this – and this is fine with us, so long as it sounds good!)
  • Monitors X2 (for drums & DJ)
  • Amp(s) / Speakers / subs – nice and juicy with high quality sound! (‘festival’, not wedding disco!)
  • Full sound check


  • Lighting: Red & orange (not flashing), and from the side, not front (we want to be able to see who’s there, without being dazzled!) and occasionally introduce green/purple/blue/white as we get more lively (we trust lighting engineers creative judgement!).
    As a guide, go for ‘Jazz Club / Cosy Tavern / vintage / festival’ (not ‘wedding disco’ / ‘night club’). (we don’t mind fairy lights, oil lanterns, candles, or unusual/quirky etc.
  • Vehicle access back-stage to offload / load kit
  • Parking for 2 vehicles

We Supply

  • Drum kit
  • DJ equipment
  • Dinosaurs!
Layout illustration (Left: DJ / Right: Drums)

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