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Rider / Requirements

Many thanks for booking us. Please contact us if you have any questions, or would like any advice or ideas on anything from lights to props to themes or more.

What we need

This is a quick reference/check list for what we need. (The full details listed below)

  • Electricity (1 UK domestic power point)
  • Tables
    – Main sturdy table – about size of a standard trestle table.
    (Please make sure these are clean / no sticky drinks etc, but don’t worry if they’re ugly because we bring drapes)
    – Drinks table for guests – This *hopefully* means that people are less likely to put drinks on our expensive kit!
  • Stage / Performance area (for us & kit) – About 3 metres width x 2.5 metres depth
  • Lighting – No flashy or multicoloured ‘disco’ lights/ strobes or lasers, or clinical overhead lighting please. We like a cosy ‘tavern’ look with orange/red lamps. We always bring our antique ship lanterns
  • Early access to set up – We arrive around 2 hours early to set up
  • Easy access for offloading – There’s a lot of heavy kit, so easy/near access or someone to help loading/unloading (especially important if there’s stairs etc.)
  • Parking – 2.2m height clearance, on site or as close as possible (in a safe place!)
  • Shelter (if outside) – Gazebo etc. to protect electrical kit/vinyl us from rain and sun
  • Sound sensory control – We always work with venues to ensure appropriate and considerate sound levels. We don’t, under any circumstances, plug our equipment into a venues device that automatically cuts electrical power because this can damage equipment. If this is installed, then a bypass extension cable must be supplied.
  • If we supply the sound system(s) – it is for our own use only
  • Music License times – It’s important to know what time venues require us to finish (we don’t want to get venues in trouble!)
  • “Taxi for Dave” – we don’t interrupt the show for taxi drivers! (we don’t interrupt them, so seems fair!)
  • Sustenance / food & coffee – to keep us energised. (No dietary requirements)

Please feel very welcome to pass a venue our contact details if needed.

Safety and Legal information:

  • Public Liability Insurance: Insurance Company: Performance Direct / Grove Dean / Policy Number: SALSALIA/M239814/0252/23
    Click this link to view document (PDF): Public Liability Insurance 2023-2024
    If we’re required by the venue to print, fill-in, sign and post any documents in advance an additional £15 admin fee will be charged. We are happy to sign documents upon arrival at the venue for no extra cost. (We’ve only had one venue ask for this in 7 years so probably not needed!)
  • Safety inspection – If we’re supplying the Sound System(s) a venue is welcome to inspect for safety and PAT labels etc. We also do not allow anyone else to operate or touch any item of our electronic equipment once it is set up / plugged in.
  • Venue Liability and Safety documents – We generally don’t ask to see these prior to the event as all professional venues have the certificates on display or available to view on arrival, however in some cases we may request to view the documents.
  • Cables and tripping hazards – All cables are hidden from view and taped down where there’s no option of hiding them from a public area. We do not allow anyone into the performance area (behind the decks) except authorised venue employees.
  • Music License times – We always respect a venues license times and make sure that we finish just before the legally required end time (We don’t want to get anyone in trouble – we need venues!).
  • Sound sensory control / ‘power cut-out’ device – We always work with venues to ensure appropriate sound levels. We don’t, under any circumstances, plug our equipment into a venues device that automatically cuts electrical power because this can damage or cause over-heating to equipment. If this is installed, then a bypass extension cable must be supplied.

Full rider/requirement details

This section goes into a load more detail – so please pour yourself a nice cup of tea before reading it!

Space / Area Dimensions – Standard set (no projections)

  • Approx 3m width x 2.5m depth

Space / Area Dimensions – with Projections (usually festivals and large music venues)

  • Approx 4.5m width x 3m depth


  • 1x Main (to go in front of us for the record decks / mixer / heavy kit etc). This needs to be a sturdy and strong trestle table (not wobbly!) or table(s) of similar size (approx 6ft / 1.8m width)* Please ensure sure they’re clean – no sticky drink or dead moths please! (but don’t worry if they’re ugly as we bring drapes.)
  • Drinks table for guests – Somewhere by the dance floor area. This isn’t for us, but *hopefully* means that people are less likely to put drinks on expensive kit!


  • UK domestic power point – (2 is advisable to spread load, but 1 is also fine)

*Please note – if generators are supplied please be aware that some older diesel / budget ones may pump out nasty fumes, so with any event we ask that they are kept a good distance from everyone (including us!).


The lighting is a huge part of getting the look and atmosphere right for our style. We bring our own antique ship lanterns which give a cosy orange glow. We ask that if the venue has flashy ‘disco’ lights, strobes, neon, multi-coloured lights or spot lights installed to turn them off completely.

The look we have is ‘cosy tavern’ / ‘jazz club’ rather than cheesy disco/club. We also ask that any standard/bright overhead lights are either dimmed right down or ideally turned off completely. We don’t mind the use of lights that add to a cosy and quirky atmosphere, such as fairy lights, candles, old lampshades with red or orange bulbs, chandeliers, vintage car headlamps, lanterns, up-lighters, red spot/static lights etc – they look great!

Set up and Sound Check

We allow one and half hours to set up, sound check and get changed prior to the agreed start time, so we will need access to where we’re performing on arrival.

Sound system use (if provided by us)

Our own bespoke sound system and any part of it is strictly for our own use only. This is partly because we are not a PA Hire company and insurance only covers for our own use, partly for health & safety / liability reasons (we don’t allow anyone else behind our decks), and because in our early days (many years ago!) we learned the hard way when somebody damaged our expensive kit …and we had to pay the replacement price!

Sound Sensory Control (power cut-out)

While we always like to work with the venue to ensure high standards and appropriate sound levels, a few venues have power supplies that cut out power if a certain amount of decibels are reached. This can damage expensive sound systems, and we (along with many other experienced performers / bands) refuse to plug any electronic equipment into these devices because it can cause damage (Often bands and DJs use equipment with cooling fans and regulators, so if power is cut out it may over-heat or cause a power surge). We have only had this situation twice in about 7 years as fortunately this not common with venues (probably because many bands and DJs refuse to use them!), but if this is the case we’ll simply need to by-pass the sensory cut-out power supply with an extension lead to a safe standard power supply (easy!).

While we want to make sure music is heard, we don’t want to offend local residents or get venues in trouble, and will adjust levels ourselves accordingly and on request of the venue.

Sustenance (Food!)

“Freshly cut lilies, onsite acupuncturist, tea made with Polish spring water, dressing room with a purple carpet” … are not what we ask for!  (Believe it or not these are from certain ‘celebrity’ riders!)

Our work means long, late hours and is physically demanding, so a meal (no dietary requirements), coffee to keep us energised, and plenty of water would be splendid!

We make no ‘diva demands’, but like to encourage people where possible to support fair trade & free-range products from local/ethical sources, and we’ve never been known to complain if offered a slice of cake! 🙂

Outside shows – shelter from weather

Apparently it’s not a good idea to combine water and electricity, and we’d prefer not to put this to the test (Health & Safety / Liability Insurance… and all of us of course!), so we’d need to have some kind of shelter / gazebo provided if we’re performing outside.  We equally need shelter from strong sun heat – mostly so we don’t get sun-burned, but also heat also warps our beloved vinyl (we very nearly lost a wonderful Louis Armstrong record in sunlight… but you’ll be relieved to know we rescued it just in time – pheeew!).  Tip: If you’re using gazebos for your event, always weigh/peg down the corners – we’ve seen them fly across fields at festivals!

Help – lots of stairs!

If the venue has stairs or there isn’t vehicle access to near where we’re performing we’d very much appreciate a hand moving the speakers / kit / props (from someone strong, careful and sober!). This will save a lot of time and be hugely appreciated.

Knowledge and Communication

You may be given information about bands or DJs requirements and setup from a venue, or by someone that isn’t a professional performer, and this information can sometimes be inaccurate, so we always recommend that you please check with any performer involved directly. We have a huge amount of experience, and you’re always welcome to contact us for advice.

Our rights / dealing with naughty guests!

We are very fortunate because the standard of bookings we’ve had over the years have had next to no trouble… but in our early days there were a few ‘interesting moments’ where a guest has had a little drinkie and misbehaved!

Our aim is that everyone has a fantastic, happy and memorable time but we always reserve the right to protect our property (and ourselves!!) and we will take appropriate action or ask for somebody to be removed if necessary. We may even stop the show if somebody is behaving inappropriately, aggressively or in a way that may risk causing damage (to our kit, us, our dinosaurs, or anyone else for that matter!). This also means that under no circumstance is anyone allowed to touch our equipment, records, percussion, speakers or props etc. Our equipment is very expensive and some of our records are irreplaceable or very rare.

We generally deal with situations by giving a polite verbal warning, and this usually does the trick. (We once had somebody tamper with our record/deck while it was playing so we politely made it clear this wasn’t acceptable… luckily he apologised and behaved very well after so no further action was required!).  We’ve not had to resort to tickling anyone with feather dusters … yet!

Team work, Recommendations & Venue Reviews

Our work regularly involves teaming up with people we’ve not met before – venues, caterers, photographers and other entertainers. Our main goal is that everyone has a really great time, from the our clients to guests to the venue crew and all service providers.

We believe it is important to support venues that kindly look after us, so we often write reviews on Trip Advisor as well as recommend good venues and suppliers to our clients.

If you have any further questions, please feel very welcome to contact us.

Martin & Tom