The music I play is alternative and carefully selected (as detailed on our home page), with the classic Still-Moving style (quirky vintage setup with antique ship lanterns for lighting, attire … and dinosaurs!).


About Martin

Actively involved with live music and DJing over fifteen years, with his first ever show for for a university orchestra that had hugely varying tastes.

Brought up on a healthy diet of Classical, Rock n’ Roll, Jazz, Swing and Folk, Martin has a love for music history, world music and the local music scene.

He discovered a lot of truly amazing music whilst travelling and working as a music journalist, and is always on the look out for great records and musicians. Martin can often be found at car boot sales, charity shops, independent music stores, and even the tip rummaging through boxes of records looking for treasures!

Martin also has a passion for 1950’s cars, and is currently restoring two P4 Rovers (a 75 and a 105R if you’re into this kind of thing!), loves camping, hiking, history, nature and wildlife photography in remote parts of Africa, live music, has a pet tortoise and loves trying out various tea rooms!

Private booking prices for Martin

  • Booking between 7.30pm and Midnight: £500.00
  • Supply of full DJ sound system (2x record decks, 2x CDJ, Mixer, Amps, speakers and mics): £200.00
  • Travel: 45p per mile return journey for bookings outside Southampton, plus expenses such as parking/ road tolls/ congestion etc.
  • Accommodation: may be required for longer distance travel (please contact me for details)
  • Additional time: £50.00 per hour
  • Projections: Optional – please contact me for details / prices
  • Shows in central London – additional fee: £300.00

If you’re wishing to book me for a festival please ignore the details above and contact me – you’re a completely different kettle of ballgames!

For any further information please contact Martin:
0797 418 2387 /