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Booking reschedule due to COVID-19

Firstly, we very much hope that you and your family are well.  This is a particularly tough time for everyone – from event organisers, venues, event suppliers (many of which are small business), to the people that book us and run events.  As a result of this we have adapted how we handle bookings (both new and previous).

Due to COVID-19 we are very happy to reschedule to another available date wherever needed. Please contact us ASAP so that we can check availability etc.

Booking reschedule

The booking deposit is not refundable, as stated at time of booking.  The deposit is payment for holding the date, and not accepting any other bookings (personal or professional), on this date.  However, while we’re not required to return the previous booking deposit, we offer to reschedule the date of your booking, with the deposit you’ve already paid.

  • If rescheduled to another date, the deposit you’ve paid already will count towards the new date.
  • If you don’t have a new date set yet (because you’re discussing availability with venues etc), we’ll make it a ‘floating deposit’ , which will be kept open for you until you can book a firm date (subject to availability etc).
  • If you have an idea of the date, but need to check other suppliers availability, we can make a provisional booking.
  • If cancelled with a week or so notice, we won’t charge the final payment.
  • The final payment price, with any new date booked, will remain the same as agreed at the time of booking.  This applies up to the end of 2022.
  • The final payment will only change if specifications (such as location and timings) change. For example if you had booked us to play locally until midnight, and re-book us to play 500 miles away until 5am, then the price will change accordingly! (Likewise, if you have booked us to play a long distance away, and re-book us nearer to Southampton, the final payment will be reduced).  We will inform you if any changes in the booking require a change in the final payment.
  • If you have booked us for a particular event, such as a wedding, but would like to re-book us for a different event, such as a birthday party – this is absolutely fine with us.
  • If you wish reschedule your booking, please let us know as soon as possible.

Event Insurance

Depending on the circumstance and type of event insurance you have, it may that you can make a claim, so it’s worth checking with them to find out. If you need any paperwork from us (receipts/ proof of payment etc) for this then please get in contact.

Re-booking dates tip

For many events, such as weddings and birthday parties, Saturdays (particularly in the summer) are always the highest in demand for any supplier, not just us.  We already have a few dates booked for 2021 (not all!), and nearly all Saturdays booked until the end of this September.  So it may be that it’s tricky to find another summer Saturday where all suppliers are available.  In this case it’s worth looking at other options – such as Saturdays between Summer and December, or early in the year to the beginning of summer (Januaries & Februaries are often the least booked for events).  Also, if possible, it may be worth trying for non-Saturdays, if you do want to book a summer event.


Please take care folks!