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“I can safely say that experiencing the phenomenon that is Still Moving DJs at Elderflower Fields Festival was one of my real highlights of the last year so thank you for that!  All the best for a fantastic year ahead!” – Fliss

“Best party I’ve ever had – I loved loved loved it all, but wouldn’t have been half as good without you both (ALL- sorry dinosaurs). You guys properly ROCK!” – Lucy

“Thank you so much, Martin and Tom, for making a great evening magnificent. Having re-booked you after a previous party, where you were brilliant too, you certainly did not disappoint. This party should have been a year ago and with lock down extended it was delayed again at short notice and you were so flexible and reliable and we are so grateful. Your music keeps everyone on the dance floor (all ages) and is fun, bright and often quirky – we love it.” – Polly, Ben and Charlie

“AMAZING night on Saturday, best nights music in years. You guys certainly get the foot tapping and people on the dance floor, what a change from the norm. Love to see you again.” – Peter

“You were guys were incredible, what a great atmosphere. We loved seeing everyone enjoying them selves and having such fun dancing, I couldn’t stop myself! Everyone was singing your praises and so were we and will continue to do so. It was a magical day and you guys just topped it off perfectly with your music and down to earth personalities” – Ali & Joe

“Thank you so much for your excellent entertainment. It was amazing and all our guests commented on how much fun you made the party. Once again thank you so much for making the party a great success!” – Cindy

“Couldn’t have asked for a better Sunday night highlight on our Moonshine Fandango stage. Still Moving played a great variety of bubbling tunes, building up a fantastic 3 hour set with added percussion and turntable dinosaurs! Their natural good natures infused the music with upbeat vibes keeping everyone dancing happy. Tip top!!” – Dax – Elderflower Fields Festival 

“A refreshing change from conventional disco DJs and great to hear great tracks by genuine musicians.  I particularly enjoyed the combination of Latin, Soul, Ska, Swing and Folk, and felt I’d been on some kind of musical journey.   I really loved the lanterns too… cosy and pleasing to the eye than flashy lights – very nice touch. Hope to see you again soon.” – Jen

“Still moving DJ’s, Martin and Tom, are two young men who have a real passion for music. It would be wrong to assume that as DJ’s they do the usual weddings, parties and events with the usual “YMCA” and “Hi Ho Silver Lining” etc. They have turned playing records and music into an art form, that is both professional and entertaining.

Different genres of music are blended together as if they were meant to be that way. Electro Swing, Jives and world music interspersed with songs like the “Bare Necessities” and “When I’m cleaning windows” – classic. I have never been to an event where all ages are sitting and tapping their feet, singing along or dancing and providing such a wonderful atmosphere.

Their whole stage presence shows that they are enjoying every minute of what they are doing and their quirky stage set up shows their character and a sense of humour. Where else would you see an old gramophone and a walking dinosaur together? They are the first to admit the stage is home from home. Anyone who looks at a glimpse of their work on a YouTube video and says “it’s not for me,” have really not seen these guys in action. In my opinion they are well worth the money spent and I look forward to seeing them again soon.”

“Thank you so much for playing at our wedding on 21st May 2016. Mark and I had the most amazing day which was topped off by your awesome set! Everyone commented on how great you guys were and how fun the music was! We definitely made the right decision in choosing you for our day” – Bethany & Mark

“Thank you for the fantastic music you provided for our wedding. What you did was simply perfect, right through from the afternoon to the evening you matched the mood and style of the day wonderfully. We have had so many fantastic comments from all of our guests and everyone had a thoroughly good time. You really played something for all ages which was perfect for us. I thought the gramophone placed outside to play on our arrival was a lovely touch, and we really appreciated it.” – Jane & Bevan

“Thanks so much for the most brilliant job you guys did at my Duckfest Birthday celebration!” – Sinéad (aka Duck Queen!)

“Gentlemen, Where do I begin? We cannot express our thanks enough. You guys made it, and the dinosaurs too of course. Seriously though, you guys were beyond what we hoped for. So many people have said how much they liked it all, which was visible from all the (sometimes crazy & odd) dancing! You were simply and utterly superb. We look forward to seeing you again. – David & Suzie

“You guys were absolutely brilliant at my birthday party last week! Everyone has been raving about you all week! Thank you so much for making the night so much fun! xx” – Laura

“Rubbish – they didn’t even know what’s no.1 in the charts or nothing about Fame Academy init” – Random drunk (we took this as a compliment!) 

“Best night last night! Awesomeful!” – Sarah, Elderflower Fields Festival 

“AWESOME job on Friday guys. Thank you so much for your energy, warmth, talent and general wonderfulness . It was the best party ever.” – Sally

“You guys were absolutely amazing on at my sisters wedding. Can’t thank you enough for making it a special and memorable event! Everything down to the decor, the props and the live drumming! Will definitely be recommending you guys to my friends in the future. Thank you again” – Mark

“When it came to choosing entertainment this was something we were worried about. It is very difficult to find something that appeals to all ages and to every guest but Still Moving DJ’s provided that and more. The set up of vintage gramophones, modern equipment and live percussion is unique, all our guests thought they were fantastic and one even wants to book them for her daughters wedding in Norway! They played all day and provided the perfect backdrop for the reception in the afternoon, livening up the atmosphere for the evening. We danced the night away and had so much fun.” – Bevan

“Just want to thank you very much for playing at our wedding, it all went exactly as we wanted it and we had so many guests raving about you! Such a happy and refreshing change from the usual rock music we get at bike rallies too! We’d love to hire you again for future parties/rallies.” – Keith and Terri

“I had told my friends that came to the Bedford Place Vintage Festival that you were going to be brilliant. You lived up to, and went beyond, the hype I set up. Fabulous, as always. We especially loved that you played” The Dipsy Doodle”, as it’s very special to us 🙂 xxx.” – Vie

“Brilliant night on Friday aboard the SS Shieldhall. Thanks guys for some absolute classics.” – Claire

“Amazing evening at the Haven in Lymington on Saturday night! Still-Moving had the whole joint up on the dance floor.” – Lloyd

“Thank you guys for your most excellent selection of tunes last night. You were brilliant! Glad you enjoyed the tea duelling! You are the best djs around.” – Siubhan

“You guys were absolutely brilliant at my birthday party last week! Everyone has been raving about you all week! Thank you so much for making the night so much fun! xx” – Laura

“It was SO GREAT to see you at the Larmer Tree Festival!!! You gentlemen are amazing and have an extraordinary record collection!!! Xx lots of love” – Polly

“Thanks for being part of an awesome weekend at Larmer Tree Festival! Great tunes!!!!” – Ben

“Thank you Martin and Tom for a brilliant themed party last night at Mango. The music was fantastic. You had the whole place up and dancing. Loads of great compliments from my friends and I loved some of the quirky twists you threw in. Thank you so much. You were fantastic.” – Liz