Accommodation & Sustenance

For long distance travel

We’re based in Hamble, Southampton (SO31 4RF), and for local events we don’t need accommodation. However, we don’t take risks on the road, or wish to burn ourselves out, especially as our work is physically demanding and requires long and late hours, so for long distances we are very grateful for the provision of basic accommodation and food.  Here’s how we work out if accommodation, travel time and sustenance is required:

Accommodation required if the journey is…

  • Over 1 hour – for shows that finish by midnight.
  • Over 45 minutes – for shows that finish later than Midnight
  • Over 30 minutes – for shows that finish later than 2am
  • Over 3.5 hours – (Depending on date and time of year etc). Two nights accommodation for before and after the event (plus travel time & sustenance).

Journeys over 3.5 hours

We will need to travel and arrive the day before your booking, and travel home the day after, so it requires us to spend around 3 days away. This means we’re unable to take any other bookings the day before or after your event, so there is an additional £400.00 fee for each additional day to help compensate for this.

The reason we set the guide-time at 3.5 hours is because your event is very important to us.  We feel that to travel on the day would risk traffic delays and tiredness before a long nights work.  It is important to ensure that we are on time, fresh and on top form for your booking, and a decent nights kip, no travel stress and food is key to this!

  • Travel time: £25.00 per hour for every hour over 1 hour journey.
  • Sustenance: £15.00 each per day away

Over over 6 hours journey or abroad

We’re used to travelling having performed in Europe, and even as far as New Zealand, East Africa, Scotland and the Isle of Wight! So please contact us to discuss travel options.

Accommodation requirements

We are very grateful for your supplying us with a good night’s sleep and food, but where realistically possible / convenient we like to support an independent B&B / hotel rather than a chain. Alternatively we’re happy to stay in a guests house.

  • 2 rooms
  • Breakfast
  • Parking for one vehicle:
     – Off-road / safe (we have a lot of expensive / rare kit)
     – Height barriers – over 2.4m high (worth double-checking for London bookings!)
  • Life-saving tea making facilities (that probably goes without saying!)


Please be aware of hidden accommodation costs!

Although we prefer to avoid accommodation chains, we are aware that in some cases there’s no choice due to location and availability.  We are still very grateful for your provision of accommodation. However, from experience we have found that the ‘chains’ (I won’t mention names!) often have more than one ‘hidden extra’ costs that they don’t draw attention to while you book them.  This usually includes parking, and the extra breakfast cost is often well over-priced for the quality. So for this we suggest that instead of your paying them, that you pay us a sustenance of £10.00 each and we’ll make our own arrangements at a local cafe (we’re quite partial to a village tea-room!).

Please send us a copy of accommodation receipts

Being on the road a lot has meant we’ve experienced all-sorts of ‘interesting’ accommodation (mostly lovely we’re glad to say!). However, we once arrived at a hotel our client had booked for us to find that they’d ‘sold out’ our booking to a tourist offering more money, and it was too late for our us or our client to find and book anything else so we had a rather uncomfortable night in the van among our kit! (needless to say we all added ‘appropriate’ reviews for this hotel on Tripadvisor!).  On another occasion we were told by our client that the hotel was booked and paid for, but on arrival the hotel manager said that it hadn’t been paid for and tried to charge us as well, meaning that our client had the inconvenience of having to deal with the situation during the event.

The reason we recommend sending us copies of receipts is because we aim to have everything completed before the event, minimising the risk of any inconveniences during the event. We can resolve most issues that might arise ourselves without inconveniencing you, so that you are able to focus on far more important activities …like eating cup-cakes, drinking and dancing!

If you have any further questions, please feel very welcome to contact us.

Martin & T