Festival & Event

While we charge the full rate for private events (detailed here), we like to support independent festivals and public events by offering discounted rates.


  • 1 day/night: £650.00
  • Additional days/nights up to 3 days: £650.00 + £350.00 per extra day
  • Additional days/nights over 3 days: £650.00 + £275.00 per extra day


  • Travel at 45p per mile return journey from Southampton (SO19 2PP)
  • Van Parking (if required)
  • Sustenance rider (if food and drink isn’t provided): 2x meal & drinks vouchers each per day, or £20 sustenance each per day. No dietary requirements.

Bookings and payment

50% booking deposit, with the final 50% + expenses either at the event or a week before.

Click here for payment options and account details for online payment

Timing suggestions

  • A complete set of 1 hour or more up to 4 hours (minimum 45 minutes).
  • We’re better suited to later / evening (because we’re known to get a bit lively!), however where available we also offer earlier afternoon slots which are more chilled out.  You may wish to book us to do both slots (afternoon chilled one and a knees up later on) – that way you get the best of us!

Rider and details for Sound Engineers

We basically need a juicy traditional DJ system:

  • 2x record decks
  • Mixer with inputs for the above, plus two extra line inputs for 2 laptops/controllers.
  • 2 monitors
  • Mics for percussion (you’ve done this a million times before so you know what’s needed better than we do!)
  • About 3m width space total needed.
  • Tables (main DJ table with space for mixer, record decks and 2x laptops/controllers), and a couple of smaller tables to put record boxes on (flight cases usually fine!)

*We can also supply the first 2 items (record decks and Mixer) for £150 (for our own use only).
*We supply percussion (inclusive)

Click here our full technical rider which details pretty much everything ever – with pictures and stick-men drawings of us!

Every festival is different, and has different requirements, so this is just a guide to get the ball rolling. Please feel very welcome to contact us.

Many thanks

Martin & Tom