A hearty welcome to Still-Moving DJsdino1

…bringing you a diverse range music from around the world and through the ages

‘The lively and unique duo with live percussion, vintage props, antique ship lanterns, original vinyl records, gramophones, tankards and… dinosaurs!’

Here’s the bit where we’re supposed to describe ourselves, but that isn’t exactly easy, because we’re a bit… different! So here’s some comments from people that have seen us perform (uh oh!)

The Music

  • Jazz, Swing, Speakeasy, Charleston, 20’s to 40’s (often including gramophone players)
  • Electro-Swing / Antique Beats
  • World Rhythms including Latino, Balkan, African, Tango and more …
  • Folk, Gypsy-jazz, Django, Medieval
  • Classical, String Quartet & Baroque
  • Soul, Motown, Funk & Northern Soul
  • Reggae, Dub & Ska
  • 50s – 60’s Rock & Roll / Rockabilly
  • Music we don’t have the foggiest what the genre is!

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